Study Abroad institutions

Apply for exchange during the Spring semester 2020: Deadline September 15, 2019
The online application form is available from August 15 to September 15. You can see a complete list of available positions on your Study Portal ( under Study Abroad > Destinations. Be aware that you can only apply for universities listed on your Study Portal and not necessarily positions listed as available in AU GO.  

• Cand.Soc: Master in Business Administration (Kandidat i Erhvervsøkonomi) 
• Cand.oecon: MSc in Economics and Management (Kandidat i Økonomi) 
• Cand.Jur: MSc in Law (Kandidat i Jura) 
• Cand.psyk: MSc in Psychology (Kandidat i Psykologi) 
• Cand.Scient.Pol : MSc in Political Sciences (Kandidat i Statskundskab) 
• Cand.Polyt: MSc in Engineering - Technology Based Business Development, AU Herning
• Public Policy: MSc in Economics and Management - Public Policy Specialisation 
• Engineering: BSc in Business Development Engineers (BDE), AU Herning

Please note that when choosing study programme you should choose the programme in which you will be enrolled during your exchange. If you wish to go abroad during your Master's degree, you must choose the relevant Master programme, even if you are currently a Bachelor student.